Dec 26th 2018

End of Year Print Sale

2018 has been one my worst ever financial years in 25 years as an artist (20 full time), as I build up to 2 exhibitions in March 2019. So, I'm having a small private print sale for friends and collectors. Prices are roughly 50-60% of retail. Free tube postage inside Australia.

And this is the first release of my latest China print!


100 Years (after Guo Jian). 2018, hand-coloured lithograph on cotton rag paper, 70 x 70 cm, numbered edition of 25

Edition 13/25 & 16/25 available - $1000 each - (1/25 is for exhibition, 4/25 NGA, 5/25 is mine)

Note this has just been printed, so I'll do my best to get the hand colouring similar.

Tank Man (Tienanmen Sq 1989) overlooks a bleeding landscape (Our Meat Country, Guo Jian/郭健 2017). The poppy flower surrounds.
The title refers to the 100 Years of Humiliation China suffered at the hands of colonial forces, such as during the British Opium Wars. This period founded modern communist China.
Guo Jian is a dear friend and we spoke at length during the making of this piece. Read about him here:

I dreamt that Tank Man survived, that he lived a good and happy life and that he stands in the Chinese mountains watching over us.


King & Queen (after Don Dale). 2016, 24ct gilt lithograph on cotton rag paper, 70 x 70 cm, colour-state numbered edition of 25

19/25 available - $900 each as printed, $1000 with gold leaf (as pictured).

Queen Elizabeth II poses atop the throne (Coronation photo, Cecil Beaton, 1953) in full regalia, surveying the nation from beneath a Don Dale spit-mask (Don Dale Detention Centre, 2016). Beyond her in the grand romantic vista sits a solitary Modernist sculpture, 'Black Sun' by Inga King (1975).

King was a refugee of Nazi Europe who found love and a home in the foreign landscape of Australia, and until her death aged 100 in 2016 was a subject, like all Australians, of an often blind and indifferent Crown.

This plate has been shot


Colossus (after Goya). 2017, hand coloured lithograph on cotton rag paper, 70 x 70 cm, numbered edition of 25

$1800 retail - 15/25 available - $900 each

Goya's Giant (1818) turns his head as if disturbed from thought. He sits naked within a distant landscape since lost to catastrophic environmental change (The White Terraces, Blomfield 1884, NZ). The things that shape us, our childhood and the world in which we are born, they are fragile things that so often we fail to value until they are lost to us. This is a deeply personal work (I am Goya's giant) about loss and the world that I left behind.


Mine - Yours (after Dance). 2016, lithograph on cotton rag paper, 70 x 70 cm, edition 25

$1800 retail - edition is now sold out and this is a hand coloured Artist Proof - $1000

Captain James Cook sits fiercely stabbing at a world map (Nathaniel Dance 1775). His look is commanding yet the otherworldly landscape suggests that he is anything but at home. He is an alien in a foreign and fearful place. An 18th century icon cast adrift, foolishly dividing up the spoils.

I have other stuff.

Direct bank transfer or COD. Return if unhappy. I can't help with framing. Please message me with questions, either instagram or facebook or email. Not big on the phone but it's 0418489586. Good at sms. 

Please share only with closest friends/collectors. It would damage me for art-dealers or the broader public to see that I'm a genuine broke artist.

XX Rob

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