Pediment Project

Robert Hague

This major project was drawn from a journey to Europe and a visit to both the British Museum and the sculptor Sir Anthony Caro, in London. 
After Athena

The Parthenon pediment sculptures had a profound impact on me and the idea of making a close sectional or series work was born. The title 'After Athena' pays respect to Caro’s ‘After Olympia’, which was based on the temple of Zeus, but also alludes to the collapse of the Athenian Empire.

Parthenon, east pediment scuptures, left
Architectural pediments confine sculpture to an unforgiving triangle but on the east pediment, the invention of an ocean has allowed figures to rise out from the stone. This is critical to my interest.
Chariot emerging from the ocean

A skeletal truss ties together each remnant, suggestive of museum reconstructions, whilst referring to a past architectural enslavement of sculpture.

Detail of 'material' folds.

This project is just recently conceived and the model above will undergo major changes as work progresses on the full scale sculpture - here
>> view the making of After Athena (in progress)

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After Olympia
Anthony Caro. After Olympia (1986/1987), Steel, 332.5 x 2342 x 170cm