Lorne Sculpture

Robert Hague

15 Oct - 6 Nov, 2011
Lorne, Victoria

corten steel
310 x 310 x 140cm including base



Pictured, the bronze model for Lorne, based loosely on the prior work Monument (2009). The final work will include a full scale excavator bucket.





Darwin introduced the theory that populations evolve over the course of generations through a process of natural selection. Yet this process has now been subverted by human intervention.

This work is a new monument, to celebrate and to mourn the changes we have wrought on the world around us.


2 years ago my young family and I moved from Sydney’s CBD to Melbourne’s industrial west. Along with my 4 year old son, I have since become fascinated with excavators and all machines hydraulic. The parallels with his plastic dinosaurs are uncanny. And as these machines also become ‘extinct’, superseded, they will have profoundly and permanently altered our environment. 

September 8th

October 11th

In exhibition Oct 15th - Nov 6th 2011

Awarded - Indoor Sculpture Prize

Trojan Hammer (Malleus). 2010, bronze, 24ct gold, 39 x 15 x 12cm

Trojan Hammer (Femur). 2009, bronze, 24ct gold, 42 x 13.5 x 7cm 

Trojan Hammer (Hip). 2009, bronze, 39 x 15.5 x 4.5cm

"Lorne Sculpture 2011 is a three-week festival of contemporary sculpture to entertain, amuse and inspire the thousands of people who drive Australia’s Great Ocean Road to Lorne’s renowned surf beach."

Artists include: Pam Clements, Ewen Coates, Mimi Dennett, Phil Doggett Williams, Dominic Fee, Robert Hague, Matthew Harding, Anton Hasell , Anderson Hunt, Greg Johns, Gaby Jung, Forest Keegel, Caroline Kennedy, Inge King, Roman Liebach, David Long, Craig MacDonald, Ben Morieson, Marsha Pels, Simon Perry, Suzanne Playfoot, ElIzabeth Presa, Vainica projects, Dean Putting, Jeff Raglus, JackieRalph, Robbie Rowlands, Tjanpi Sculpture, Julie Shiels, Stelarc, Candy Stevens, Greer Taylor, Carmel Wallace, Jason Waterhouse, David Waters, Vicki West, Fredrick White, Jamie Willis, Jud Wimhurst and Laura Woodward.

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