Deakin University
Contemporary Small Sculpture Award 2010

Robert Hague

Winner - Robert Hague

Trojan Hammer (200%). 2010, bronze, 24ct gold, 39.5 x 13.5 x 13.5cm

Familiar to my many sculptors, the lump-hammer is a brute, with a long and chequered history. They were used to carve the marble of the Parthenon, and then again to deface it. Often used as a symbol for honest labour, they are the quintessential tool. The Trojan Hammers present themselves as a sometimes serious, sometimes humorous look at technology and itís implications.

200% comments on our (comical) obsession with productivity. Double the strikes of a regular hammer, yet utterly useless in practical application.

The delicate gold patterning refers to the practice of early settlers decorating their most cherished tools, as a mark of identity and possession. Ornamentation that marked an object or person as belonging. In a sweet irony the patterning also renders the hammer ineffectual (for fear of damage).

Finalists: Max Ball WA, Eolo Paul Bottaro VIC, Dean Bowen VIC, Rodney Broad VIC, Jock Clutterbuck VIC, Jane Creenaune VIC, Augustine Dall'Ava VIC, Diego Dutto ITALY, William Eicholtz VIC, Jon Eiseman VIC, Zoe Ellenberg VIC, Graham Fransella VIC, David Frazer VIC, Jane Gillings NSW, Lloyd Godman VIC, Anna Griffiths VIC, Robert Hague VIC, David Hamilton TAS, Matthew Harding VIC, Christopher Headley VIC, Brigit Heller VIC, Ede Horton VIC, Jennifer Ashley King VIC, Michael Le Grand ACT, Jan Learmonth VIC, Roman Leibach VIC, Max Lyle SA, Adrian Mauriks VIC, Kevin Mortensen VIC, James Parrett VIC, Brian Paulusz VIC, Simon Perry VIC, Karen Richards VIC, Lisa Roet VIC, Morgan Shimeld NSW, Philip Spelman NSW, Heather B Swann VIC, Frank Tagliabue VIC, Neil Taylor VIC

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